Saleae USB saleae16 100M logic analyzer supports official version of the software

Saleae USB Saleae16 100M Logic Analyzer Supports Official Version Of The Software
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Thanks , friend , the silver type is price higher then the black type
need about 60USD
The aluminum housing version adds frequency output function, can output sampling frequency SCK and sampling frequency 1/2 HCK. For example, we set the sampling rate is 100M, then SCK output 100Mhz, HCK output 50Mhz; we set the sampling rate is 10M, then SCK is the 10Mhz output, and HCK is the 5Mhz output. Can finish the signal source, can also be used as frequency source. Implementing step by step from 250K frequency to 100M.
Ladies and gentlemen, as long as you get the hands, think it is not worth, can always return (even don\'t need to tell us the reason), we bear the postage back and forth!
Support official version of 1.2.14 softwareCool interface, better user experience.New breakthroughs have also been made in hardwareRequires hardware support for level width triggeringIs it recommended to support the latest software version before making such a product?!

Our Saleae Logic16 is already compatibleFrom the 1.1.8 version to the 1.2.14 versionAll software versions of each operating system\'s system.

The software is downloaded directly from the authoritiesYou do not need to use the modified PC software.

Common problem:
0, what is the difference between an aluminum case and a plastic case?
Answer: A, aluminum housing configuration, with 20 clips, plastic shell, with 4 clips. The B, an aluminum enclosure with multiple sampled comments, SCK and a half speed sampling frequency, the output of the HCK number can be used as a frequency source.
1, do you support official software directly? What systems are supported? Do you support WIN8?
Answer: direct support for official software. Directly from the official download software, you can also ask the owner has downloaded a number of operating systems and versions. The official has provided WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC and other host computer software, we all support. And supports subsequent upgrades to the software.

2, can you really reach 100M sampling?.
Answer: supports the 100M sampling mode. 100M mode supports 3 channels at most. If your computer USB is not good enough for 2 high-speed mode, it may not support 3. This is not the personality of our product, but the generality of all SALEAE16! Our products have passed the "3 100MHZ" model test before shipment.
3, what tests have been made before the product is shipped?
Answer: A, work current test.
B, 16 way 16M mode test, to ensure the correctness of each channel.
C, 3 way 100M mode test, guaranteed to achieve the highest sampling rate.
d 8 hours of continuous testing, to eliminate any failure may.
The above tests were done after welding, after packing and before shipment. A test picture will be posted later.

Unconditional return for 7 daysIf there are quality problems or descriptions that are not in conformity with you, or anything else you may be dissatisfied with, you may not even need any reason,We take the postage back and forthFree you from any worries.


1: do you need to crack the software?.

Answer:No, it can be downloaded directly from the authorities. Any version of the official release, supported by any OS SALEAE software. Because the official design, but also support the follow-up official software upgrades.

Compatible with the official original genuine software, you can support windows, Linux, MAC, OS all 32 bit and 64 bit systems, software can be directly to,

2, about input interface protection.

Answer: to achieve the ESD and TVS high-voltage electrostatic protection, and also support positive and negative voltage protection of less than 60 VOLTS input.

4 whether the input interface has an interface chip.

Answer:ESD/TVS protection and overvoltage protection is required, using high speed low capacitance SRV05 protection special tubeIt protects the relatively vulnerable FPGA inputs and protects the test circuit from possible damage such as electrostatic sparks, and one line of defense.

SALEAE LOGIC16 brief introduction:

1, real-time acquisition, using USB2.0 high-speed interface uploaded to the computer, the computer side of the implementation of real-time data storage management, and then the collection is displayed after the end.

2, the use of computer memory as a collection of memory, so that the traditional logic analyzer can not match the storage depth, easily reach the G level of storage depth.

3, can flexibly set the sampling rate and the number of collection channels, 3 collection time to achieve the highest sampling rate of 100M, 6 time 50M sampling rate, the highest sampling rate of 32MHZ to achieve the 9 Road, 16 road when achieving the highest sampling rate of 16M.

5, small size, easy to carry, the use of USB power supply, easy on-site debugging.

SALEAE LOGIC16 powerful protocol parsing function introduced:

1, including SPI, UART, CAN, JTAG, 1-WIRE, and so on, supports up to 17 serial protocol analysis. Almost all common serial board and field level bus protocols are covered. The official also gives various serial protocol design resources in the

2, you can set the protocol parsing parameters, such as we are familiar with the RS232 protocol, board level is generally called UART. You can set the settings in the interface baud rate, data length, stop bits, parity bits and other parameters. This setting can be set before the acquisition, or you can change the settings after the data is collected. The new data will be analyzed and displayed in accordance with the new settings.

3, support for simultaneous analysis of multiple protocols, and online display of the content of the analysis. Analytic data has a variety of display forms, ASCII code, 16 hexadecimal, 10 hexadecimal, 8 hexadecimal, 2 hexadecimal, and so on.

4, the above is the online real-time analysis protocol, you can view the timing details, DEBUG. You can also view the content from the macro, save the contents of protocol analysis, output to text files and spreadsheet files. The following is a screenshot of the parse output of the I2C protocol to the text, the TXT file, and the spreadsheet file.

Recommendations and directions for increasing sampling rates:

1, try to connect to the USB port behind the desktop computer. The USB is prone to low rate problems because the internal uses a long, low quality connection to connect the host, front panel, and computer motherboards.
2, the notebook USB performance and USB power quality is often less than desktop, easier to prompt low rate.
3, the use of USB HUB also affects the sampling rate and the quality of the USB power supply.
4, if the USB port next to the USB port also tells the USB device, such as the WIFI network card, the U disk, etc., will also affect the acquisition rate.
5,Each logic analyzer before shipment, we have passed a number of computer 3 channel 100M acquisition, testing, to ensure that the product itself performance.
6, PCB board from design options to layout, wiring rigorous and serious, to ensure the highest performance of USB, and through electrical measurement interference test.

Invoice list

A, here is the aluminum alloy shell (236 yuan) with the shipping list

1 SALEAE LOGIC16 logic analyzer host.

2, 20PIN DuPont line with signal signs. Direct connection logic analyzer.

3, 20 logic analyzer clamps with pins.

4, high performance USB2.0 wire, length about 1.5 meters.

Note that you don\'t need software discs, and you can download any version of any system directly to the WWW.SALEAE.COM.

B, here\'s “All versions are compatible + plastic housing, economical configuration, ”The shipping schedule, as shown in.

1 SALEAE LOGIC16 logic analyzer host.

2, 20 with the DuPont line alone

3, high performance USB2.0 wire, length about 1.5 meters.

The two match supports the latest version of the software, and supports future versions of the upgrade.

After-sale service:

One, 7 days unconditional return, said here 7 days, we more grace defined as express delivery after 7 days, unconditional meaning is:Whether or not you have confirmed, whether you are due to quality problems or no quality problems, whether you regret or wrong to buy, we can accept returns or exchange goods.But there are three points:

1, opened the product\'s back cover, can not be returned.

2, if the product does not have quality defects, and not inconsistent with the description, and returned, the seller does not bear the postage back and forth.

3, if it is quality or description, we are responsible for postage back and forth.

Two, free maintenance a year: without opening the back cover, within a year to enjoy free maintenance, there are quality defects can also be returned, the postage we bear. If the use of unintentional damage caused by improper use, we repair free of charge, the buyer only pay the postage.

Three, lifetime maintenance warranty: one year after the product is sold, the quality problem, we only charge the cost of replacing element is necessary, some related peripheral accessories sold at cost price (such as the JTAG line, USB line, CD etc.), the buyer has the postage.

Four, our after-sales commitment from our customers, but also from our design, production, testing and other processes, each of the details of serious and rigorous.

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